The Scheduling Optimizer from Tabby Software is a software component designed to integrate with the student scheduling component of a school administration system (SIS) to perform the specialized function of student class loading. This is the loader engine that provided the highly optimized, extensively featured student loader capability delivered by Pearson School Systems' SASI and Centrepoint systems in thousands of schools.

The Scheduling Optimizer performs the task of assigning students to classes based on course requests, a given master schedule and specified scheduling rules. It is designed to input the scheduling data and return results to the host SIS system. This proven, industry-leading component enables the host SIS to produce scheduling results with the most possible students fully scheduled and best quality of class loading for middle and high schools.

Note that the Optimizer is not designed to function as a standalone scheduling solution; it works with the Scheduling component of a host SIS. It does generate a variety of reports for analyzing simulation run data but it does not provide data entry screens for maintaining the scheduling data portion of a database, it does not generate production reports (e.g. printed student schedules and class lists) which are better generated from the database managed by the host SIS system, and it depends on the host SIS system to generate its input and record the results it generates.

Note also that the Scheduling Optimizer does not include functionality for building the master schedule.

The Optimizer is an available, proven solution which enables the Scheduling module of your SIS system to generate the best possible student schedules.